I’m Tiffany, a Career & Leadership Coach and HR Consultant, but neither of those titles tell you enough about me.

I’m a deeply feeling person motivated by the joy and discovery of authentic human connection.

I love to talk about what inspires you. That starts with the work that we do in the world everyday – how we spend many of our waking hours. After graduating from UMASS Amherst, I spent 25 years of my career in the corporate world in Human Resources, a job I loved with my whole heart.

It was a strong fit for my skills. With great mentors and a commitment to my professional growth, I found my stride as a leader in business and enjoyed a lot of upward mobility. When a corporate acquisition placed me in a decision about a bigger job with more travel and increased demands, I started to feel deeply confused about whether my career was allowing for all the things I wanted in my life.

And I realized, it wasn’t.

Coming to that conclusion was a hard and drawn-out process, fraught with sleepless nights and many visits to the doctor for chronic infection due to stress. My family and I were noticing the constant strain on my energy and presence.

Then a trusted colleague said something that untwisted me. “I can’t tell you what to do, but my hope is that you find clarity.” There were no answers in that statement, except for one: this was mine to figure out. I had to stop waiting for directions to the next destination.

I made a move everyone described as “bold”. I left the security, community and identity of my executive role for a brave and exciting career change. Now, I am able to help you emerge with your own clarity, connection and professional purpose. I’m exactly where I should be: here for YOU.


I am the mom of two smart and sweet teenage boys (who are not always sweet to each other).

I am married to a baseball fanatic with a beautiful heart who sells print and media advertising and who rocks the dad world.

I am a passionate, self-taught photographer, and love many subjects from landscapes to portraits.

I am a lifelong learner, always trying to better understand the world and my own reaction to events in my life. I love the classroom, both as a student and a facilitator.

I am completely useless without coffee, or before 9 AM. So…if you’re a true morning person, give me a minute until I’m caffeinated.

I have never met a dance floor, hula hoop or disco ball I didn’t know how to rock.

I write to work out emotions and feelings. Because the human experience is largely universal, I’m not scared to share those big feelings with you. Check out my blog page!

I root hard and strong for the people in my orbit, and I see what makes you special.