Q: Who do you help?

A: I help professionals and leaders who are transitioning and want an intuitive partner in navigating the thoughts and feelings brought about by change. You may feel stuck, battle with your confidence, or feel unsure of the work that best aligns with your strengths, values and core beliefs. This will include those who are actively employed and looking for more joy or fulfillment in their current work. I am also an especially good match for highly sensitive persons, deep feelers, empaths, and those in helping occupations. Mindset work is at the core of my approach, and I use Energy Leadership as the mirror of our self-awareness. Energy Leadership is a tool to determine how you are leading your energy, rather than your energy leading you.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: My ideal client wants to do the work of knowing themselves fully and authentically. They see coaching as an investment in their life, they are open to being challenged, and they aren’t walking away from fear or discomfort. They are usually ten or more years into their career and have a good sense of their skills and capabilities, but may wish to apply them in a different way or a new environment. They strive to honor their values and core beliefs in how they work and contribute to the world. I have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and listen deeply to understand your lived experience and how it’s shaped your worldview. I honor what makes each person unique, recognize my privilege, and believe that if we all take the time to hear each other’s stories, there would be so much more understanding and love for our collective humanity.

Q: How do I know if coaching is right for me?

A: Great question! This is the purpose of an initial consultation, for us to explore your goals and intentions in entering into career coaching, and to ensure we are a great match for one another. During this time, I will clarify what coaching is and isn’t, how it differs from other helping modalities such as therapy or mentoring, and also give you a realistic preview of what it will feel like to be coached by me. In all cases, my goal is to ensure the client is safe, seen, and heard, and we are actively working toward your career goals. I will always hold your agenda for our time together.

Q: Are you are certified coach?

A: I am proud to say that I am!  My certification is issued by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coaching program. The field of coaching is unregulated, which is why it is important to know the credentials of the coach you choose, and to choose one who is well versed in coaching ethics, coaching techniques, as well as their specialty area (in my case, career and leadership coaching). I have 25 years of corporate HR experience with particular strength in recruiting, learning and development, leadership development, company culture and communications, and comp & benefits administration. These diverse skills and experiences are the rich foundation for my work as a career and leadership coach. I also hold my SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Q: How can we get in touch?

A: I’d love to talk to you! You can get in touch through my website on the ‘Get In Touch’ page, or by phone (603)321-0264 or email at tiffany@greenecareercoach.com

I am also active on LinkedIn and check messages regularly.

Q: What can I expect for an investment?

A: The coaching engagement is typically between 3 to 12 months, and we will meet twice each month or more frequently depending on the goals of the client. Much of our work together involves your mindset and navigating the emotions brought about by the current situation or your transition. Some sessions are tactical and may include a resume review and interview preparation; other coaching engagements require exploration of what else might be out there for you and tackling any obstacles in your way to making a transition. Coaching packages start at $1,500. I provide a Coaching Contract to ensure clarity on the work we will do together, and the mutual expectations of the coach and client. Please consider that the return on that investment in yourself will far exceed the financial investment in coaching.

Q: Where are you located?

A: I provide services remotely via phone or video to all of the US and Canada.

I am located in Massachusetts, on the Connecticut border.  For in person coaching engagements, I would be glad to meet in person if you are in the Springfield area.